Agricultural Consulting

We drive growth and transformation across the food value chain through our experts & partner farmers who collect data and consults with farmers to help them grow better crops and navigate complex and changing environmental regulations.

Farm Produce Market Access & Linkages

We grow and mentor our farmers to produce safe and healthy food that the consumers enjoy then help the access market for their produce. The farm produce is always fresh from the farm and of good quality.

Agribusiness Trainings & Mentorships

Learn from our experts with long years experience in the farming industry. We offer courses, training and mentorship to interested farmers.

Farm tours & Safaris

We are motivated to help farmers explore new trending farming practices by connecting, sharing and learning from their fellow farmers.

We offer custom itinerary, farm tour, 3 Days 2 nights farm safaris, Farm excursions, Farm trips and Kenya budget farm safaris departing from Nairobi & Mombasa.

Farm Drone Services

We offer new technologies to farmers such as drone services in the farm.

We offer crop spraying solutions in Kenya, Aerial mapping , soil testing and analysis, crop scouting, crop spraying, plant pest and plant diseases analysis, surveillance and imagery.

We also offer drone operator training / courses and UAV consultancy.

Smart farms & Grow Kits

It’s our mission to enable consumers to also be producers of food. We design and produce portable farms and grow kits such as mushroom & microgreens grow kits that urban dwellers can grow in small places with ease.

Our additional services

The following are some other services that we offer to farmers and consumers.

Farm Products Promotion & Advertising

We help farmers Promote their products and services to our networks /contacts; e.g. new product launch, an ‘event’ i.e. networking, exposure to media.

Online Farming Courses

We offer online learning programs providing skills To farmers Anywhere In The World from experienced farmers & agribusiness experts.

Providing Farm Security Solutions to Farmers

We offer different solutions such as Farm Fencing, Security Dogs breeding, Automatic intruder alarm systems, Fire alarm systems, C.C.T.V systems, push button and electric fence among many others.

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